An expandable pet fence or portable animal fencing your choice

Purrfect Fence is the ideal choice for any type of expandable pet fence or portable animal fencing as it can easily be expanded in size or re-located to a new location if need be. Easily self-installed with post inserts that get tapped into the ground, this expandable pet fence works great for cats, dogs and most any animals for that matter.

Pet owners can start with our 100' kit and then easily add to the size of enclosure in the future by re-positioning part of the fence line to accommodate that expansion.

Because Purrfect Fence is also a portable animal fencing system, it can be taken down and re-located to a new site. Just dig up the post inserts and unclip the zip ties and take the system down. It may be necessary to purchase a separate roll of 100' fencing when the system is re-installed.

An expandable pet fence is a wise investment as it allows your pets access to the outdoors but also enables you to expand the enclosure size as needed. Being that Purrfect Fence also can be considered portable animal fencing, also makes it a smart choice in the event you decide to re-locate in the future and take it with you.

Purr...fect Fence components are constructed from the highest quality galvanized steel (baked on black finish) & UV resistant polypropylene (upper section of fence). Life expectancy for the system is at least 15 years.

Houdini-Proof Free-Standing Cat Containment System - for 100 linear feet

Kit Includes:

  • (8) 80" Heavy Duty Posts (galvanized and powder coated black)
  • (8) Post-Setting Ground Sleeves (galvanized)
  • (8) Cat-ProoferT Pivoting Arches (galvanized and powder coated)
  • (1) 7'6" high x 100' long Extra Heavy Duty 2" by 2" Black Poly Fence
  • (1) 2' high x 100' long Welded Wire Fence 2" by 2" (galvanized and PVC coated)
  • (60) 12" long barbed stakes (pins fence firmly to the ground - galvanized)
  • A driver for the Post-Setting Ground Sleeves, post caps, and all necessary hardware



Purrfec... fence

Product Option

existing fence

Existing Fence Conversion System


Free-Standing System

Free-Standing System



Loraine, Gloucestershire

We recently ordered 5 Purrect Fence kits and are delighted.

The peace of mind is worth everything – we have lost 2 cats on our supposedly quiet lane, but the lane gets short cut traffic that thinks it’s fine to speed as there is very rarely traffic coming the other way. Luckily we have a large garden with lots of trees and have enclosed the whole lot with your fence. Our 3 new kittens don’t know the difference of being ‘safe’ but our 5 yr old is a bit put at not being able to wander at will but remains safe and happy getting used to it. At the time your fence arrived we had a landscape gardener here so he erected the fence for us. After the first stretch of fence, and after watching your DVD his team were dab hands at it. I am so enthusiastic about your product.
Many thanks.
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