Post Kit Information

Our cat fence kit includes the ideal number of posts for 100' of fence UNLESS you plan on making multiple turns or have changes in grade. Here are a few guidelines for posts: Posts may be positioned no more than 14' from each other. You need to position a post at every point you want the fence to turn/make a corner. You need to position a post where any grade change occures.

We highly recommend that you use the above perameters to mark the location of each post you will need to install for your enclosure so you will know if your installation requires additional posts. Please note that (8) post assemblies are include with each kit. Please see our example fence configurations.

Additional posts and all the associated components needed for a post (sleeve, arch, etc) are available in our new 2-PostKit.

2-Post Kits

Our 2-Post Kit contains all the components necessary for (2) complete post assemblies. Although we have always sold additional posts individually through direct phone sales, the new 2-Post Kit offers an easier and less expensive alternative to purchasing all the necessary components individually.

Kit contains: (2) Arches (2) Sleeves (2) Posts and all associated hardware.


Arched Top turns even "Houdini" cats safely back to the ground no escapes to date.

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