Enclosure Systems

Free-Standing Cat Fence

Houdini-Proof Free Standing Cat Containment System

Kit Includes:

  • (8) 80" Heavy Duty Posts (galvanized and powder coated black)
  • (8) Post-Setting Ground Sleeves (galvanized)
  • (8) Cat-Proofer™ Pivoting Arches (galvanized and powder coated)
  • (1) 7'6" high x 100' long Extra Heavy Duty 2" by 2" Black Poly Fence
  • (1) 2' high x 100' long Welded Wire Fence 2" by 2" (galvanized and PVC coated)
  • (60) 12" long barbed stakes (pins fence firmly to the ground - galvanized)
  • A driver for the Post-Setting Ground Sleeves, post caps, and all necessary hardware


Purrfect Playpen

The Purrfect Playpen is our most affordable portable cat enclosure. We took the tried-and-true standard two person tent design and made it just for cats. In place of canvas and mosquito mesh we made it out of the same strong PVC coated grid used by high quality airline approved soft cat carriers. This PVC coated mesh is not only strong, its plastic PVC (non-porous) coating makes clean-ups a breeze. For comfort and safety we incorporated a "second skin" of the same waterproof nylon material used for the tent top to make roll-up sun shades for each side. Get your cat outside today with the Purrfect Playpen!.


Fence Topper for Cats

Cat-Proofer Existing Fence Conversion System

Kit Includes:

  • 1 roll of 4 ft. by 100 ft. heavy duty 1" by 1" black poly fence material
  • 12 pivoting fence extensions (most fences have a post spacing of 8')
  • 100 zip ties
  • Complete written installation instructions


Purrfect Playhouse

The Purrfect Playhouse is a completely enclosed, collapsible and portable enclosure measuring 5' x 10' with standing headroom and... Tunnels! Our newest version of the Playhouse allows Playhouse Tunnels to connect to three of the four sides. The tunnels can connect to cat doors allowing the cats to get into the Playhouse from inside your house! You can also connect tunnels just to make extensions to your Playhouse for added space. Tunnels can be connected to each other to make long tunnels. Tunnels can also connect to additional Playhouses. There are almost an infinite amount of different set-ups you can do with Playhouses and Tunnels!... Think cat-sized hamster tubes!


Access Gates

30" wide Purr...fect Gate

Our new and improved access gate is now available! The Purr.fect Gate, available in opening widths of 30" (2 1/2 ft) and 60" (5 ft), is much easier to assemble, easier to use, visually more appealing, and costs 35% less than the previous model.



2-Post Kits

Two complete posts w/ arches, sleeves, and all necessary hardware


Installation Tool Kit

The Stanley Hogringer & Rings

The Stanley Hogringer is a time saving tool used to more easily attach the lower chew guard of the fence to the flexible polypropylene portion. The Hogringer is self-feeding (much like a staple gun) and bends a "C" shaped galvanized steel piece into a circle which closes around whatever you put inside the open end of the "C". The kit includes one Hogringer tool and 2,500 count box of rings. 2,500 rings are good for up to 4 Free-Standing 100' kits. You can purchase additional boxes of rings at: 07784 091521

This tool is by no means required, but it does make this part of the project go more quickly (zip ties are included with the free-standing kit to do this process but the Hogringer & Rings will save 2-3 hours time for each 100').


Zip Tie Puller/Cutter

Get your zip ties tighter, faster with this handy time-saving tool

This tool is highly recommended for larger projects where a lot of posts are being utilized.