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NOTE: Many photos in this section depict Purrfect Fence prior to design change from arched top to pivoting arm extender (change made to keep fence within 6 foot height for zoning)

Cats with fence in background in subdivision - aesthetically pleasing
Cat on lawn
Deer on outside of fence
Cat in hammock with fence behind
cat with fence yellow flowers behind
Cat running with fence in background
Cat in bed with fence behind
Vegetables inside fence
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Candace Spinney, Saint John, NB

My husband and I moved into our first home in June of 2002. Of course we were very excited, and two things at the top of my list were: 1) With more space I would be able to have cats, and 2) I would be able to try my hand at gardening.

We got two kittens in August and had every intention that they would be indoor cats. Meanwhile, I had been experimenting in the garden and had discovered that we have a large deer population in our neighborhood. I quite enjoy seeing the deer around, but was not so happy about the fact that everything I planted wound up being deer food.

Over the next few years, I continued my attempts at gardening. I tried planting things that deer supposedly would not eat, and had the odd success, but for the most part I found that the deer in our area are not picky - if it grows, they will eat it. Meanwhile, our cats were asserting themselves. They were quite determined to go outside. We started with harnesses, taking them out for brief excursions to walk around the yard. If I was working in the yard I would tie their leashes nearby so they could be out with me. At first they were satisfied with this, but as time went on they became more and more unhappy with this solution. One of my cats figured out how to wiggle out of his harness in the blink of an eye; I'd turn around and he'd be wandering off. And they wanted to be out all the time. This was stressing them out and leading to behavioral problems, which led to me being stressed out. My stress caused my husband to be stressed out. It was not a pretty picture.

So we started looking into enclosures for the cats. We found a few options, but as we were searching I thought that it would be nice if we could find a solution that would allow me to protect at least some of the flower beds from the deer. Plus, it would be nice to have an enclosure that would allow us to be out with the cats. When we discovered Purrfect Fence, it was definitely the Purrfect solution for us. We were able to enclose a fairly large area for the cats, including a good amount of our gardens. We put a pet door in a basement window for the cats. There is a gate for us humans at the back of the house. The cats can come and go as they please (when we are home), I have a protected area where I can plant to my heart's content while hanging out with my cats.

I won't lie - the cats still think they'd like to run free, but I know they are safe and they are very happy to be able to hang out in the enclosed area with no leashes. They are much more content, so that stress is now gone.

Janet, Vlad Robin, Scooter and Bert - Canada

Hi Katie,
First let me tell you how much we and our "boys" love our PurrFect Fence. I don't know who loves it more, us or the cats - I guess it's 50/50. I'm working on landscaping around it, slowly and in the back yard, you can really not see it. It's just wonderful letting them run free and knowing no harm will come to them, and knowing exactly where they are! Well, Michael Jackson might have Neverland, and Elvis Graceland.... but we have Catland and how cool can that be!

A while back Katie, you were kind enough to send me some brochures to set out at our Veterinary Hospital, and at Global Pet Foods, where I buy food. All of these brochures have disappeared and we would like some more. I don't know if you may have been contacted by anyone in our area, Hudson, Vaudreuil-Dorion, St-Lazare but it never hurts to have the brochures out there. I will be supplying both locations with some pictures of Catland. In the meantime, if you can send me some more brochures - I'm happy to pass them around.

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