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NOTE: Many photos in this section depict Purrfect Fence prior to design change from arched top to pivoting arm extender (change made to keep fence within 6 foot height for zoning)

Janet I - Plymouth, England

I ordered an Existing Fence Kit from Purrfect Fencing earlier this year and would like to thank them for a superior product. From placing the order to delivery I only waited 2 weeks. I live in an old Victorian house so I thought it would be problematic to install but it was unwrapped and completed in 2 hours. It has made such a difference to my cats. They are much more contented now that they can come in and out as they please and can have the best of both worlds without any danger from traffic or other cats. I can't think of a better way of looking after the cats and my vet, who had never heard of this type of fencing, came round to have a look and will be recommending it to people.

Dawn W - Leicester, England

Attached are some photos of the completed cat run. It has been the best thing ever for me and the cats, they get to go outside and I have peace of mind.

Loraine, Gloucestershire, England

We recently ordered 5 Purrect Fence kits and are delighted.

The peace of mind is worth everything we have lost 2 cats on our supposedly quiet lane, but the lane gets short cut traffic that thinks its fine to speed as there is very rarely traffic coming the other way.

Sandra, Bournemouth, England

I purchased a cat fence from you in May this year and it is absolutely excellent! My 2 British Blues have never been happier and I know that they are safe at all times.

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