Purrfect Fence Free Standing Kit Including Gate
Purrfect Fence Free Standing Kit Including Gate
Purrfect Fence Free Standing Kit Including Gate

Purrfect Fence Free Standing Kit Including Gate

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This money-saving kit includes a 30" wide gate and a freestanding fence kit.

The extremely strong yet flexible poly mesh makes climbing very difficult, but the safeguard for our cat containment systems are the patented Cat-Proofer™ extender arms which enable the entire upper section of the fence to pivot. The cat's weight causes these horizontal extension arms to abruptly swing downward. The cat feels as if they are falling. Their instinct is the turn so they land on their feet. They cannot do that holding onto the mesh so they release. The end result is that the cat is safely returned to the ground. Once the cat's weight is released from the mesh, the spring-loaded extenders immediately return the upper section of the fence to its horizontal position.

A single 100' (30m) Free-Standing Cat Containment System is designed to secure a perimeter of 100 linear feet (30m) but you can construct the system to suit your needs and can use multiple kits to make your system as big as you would like. A single kit made into a square would be 25' x 25' (7.5m x 7.5m) (625 square feet / 56 square meters) but most customers use the back of their house as a "side" allowing a kit to make a bigger overall enclosure and easier access for the cats. One example of a single kit enclosure off the back of a house would be 28' x 42' (8.5m x 13m) so 28' (8.5m) out from the house - over 42' (13m) and back 28' (8.5m) making an enclosure that is 1,204 square feet / 110.5 square meters. A two kit enclosure off the back of a house could be 65' x 65' (20m x 20m) so 65' (20m) out from the house - over 65' (20m) and back 65' (20m) making an enclosure that is 4,225 square feet / 400 square meters.

Our system is built to last. The posts, arms and welded wire are galvanised steel with a black powder coating and all the arm hardware and spring are stainless steel. All other metal components are galvanised or stainless steel and the plastic fence UV stabilised with carbon black and chemical UV inhibitors. The system is designed to be installed by homeowners so it is not difficult to do (site dependent). If it is something you do not want to do yourself we would recommend using a local handyman. We are also available to help you figure out how to use our systems on your property and can also talk/email you through almost any unforeseen obstacles you may run into during installation. Contact us if needed. Sending pictures can be helpful :)

Kit Content

Free-Standing Cat Containment System - 100' (30m) contains:

  • (1) Written Instructions
  • (8**) Posts - 86" (2.2m) long black powder coated 16 gauge (1.7mm wall thickness) galvanised steel
  • (8**) Sleeves - 24" (610mm) long formed 16 gauge (1.7mm wall thickness) galvanised steel These driven into the ground to support posts.
  • (1) Driving Cap - Solid milled steel Used to drive sleeves.
  • (16) Self-Tapping Screws - 10mm x 3/4" zinc self-drilling and tapping screw Secures posts to sleeves.
  • (1) Bit - 10mm driver bit Used w/ drill to install self-tapping screws. (8) Post Caps - Black UV stabilised molded polypropylene
  • (8**) Cat-Proofer Arms - Patented black powder coated formed/welded galvanised steel with stainless steel spring and hardware
  • (8) Set Screws - 5/16" x 1/2" stainless steel grub screw, (4mm hex wrench included).These are used to secure the arms to the posts.
  • (1) 7.5' Extra Heavy Duty Fence - 7.5' x 100' (2.3m x 30m) extruded and bi-oriented black UV stabilised polypropylene fence - mesh 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" (45mm x 45mm)
  • (1) Chew Guard - 2' x 100' (610mm x 30m) galvanised 16 gauge (2mm diameter) steel welded wire with a black powder coat finish - mesh 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" (45mm x 45mm) This makes the lower part of fence folds on ground and is staked to secure bottom of fence.
  • (200) Heavy Duty Ties - 8" x 120lb black UV stabilised zip ties Secures fence and welded wire to the posts and arms.
  • (400) Light Duty Ties - 8" x 50lb black UV stabilised zip ties Used to seam plastic fence to chew guard.
  • (60) Ground Stakes - 1/4" (6.5mm) diameter x 12" (305mm) galvanised steel formed stakes Pins chew guard to the ground every 2' (610mm).
  • (1) Free-Standing Cat Containment System - shipping weight 140lbs (64kg) in four packages.

** The size of kit depends on how many arms are supplied;

-10m Consists of 3 arms

-20m Consists of 5 arms

-30m Consists of 8 arms

-40m Consists of 11 arms

-50m Consists of 13 arms

-60m Consists of 16 arms

-70m Consists of 19 arms

-80m Consists of 22 arms

-90m Consists of 24 arms

-100m Consists of 27 arms **

A 100' kit includes (8**) post assemblies (posts, sleeves, arms etc). If your layout includes multiple turns or very specific side lengths, you may need additional posts (see product 2-Post Kit). To determine if you need more posts using these rules: 

1. Every end and corner/turn needs a post.
2. Every change in grade (up/down) needs a post. 
3. Measure between the posts that need to be in specific locations (see rules 1&2) and divide by 14' (maximum post spacing). 

If the total posts you need is more than 8 times the number of kits you are buying you need that many more posts.