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Janet I - Plymouth, England

I ordered an Existing Fence Kit from Purrfect Fencing earlier this year and would like to thank Kevin for his prompt service and superior product. From placing the order to delivery I only waited 2 weeks. I live in an old Victorian house so I thought it would be problematic to install but it was unwrapped and completed in 2 hours. It has made such a difference to my cats. They are much more contented now that they can come in and out as they please and can have the best of both worlds without any danger from traffic or other cats. I can't think of a better way of looking after the cats and my vet, who had never heard of this type of fencing, came round to have a look and will be recommending it to people.

Becky Y - Cheltenham

I would just like to thank Purrfect Fence for finally making it safe for our 7 little babies to venture outside to enjoy the fresh air. Over the past few months we have tried lots of home-made devices and spent countless pounds and hours out in the garden trying to thwart our one little Houdini. Everything would initially be fine and we would feel so relieved but then after two or three days he would find an escape route out. It is now two weeks since we installed the Purrfect Fence and little Bertie (AKA Houdini) has not managed to get out. We cannot express how pleased we are with the product and it is so wonderful to finally be able to go to work every day knowing that all 7 cats will be safe all day and most importantly still alive when we arrive home! Thank you again.

Dawn W - England

Attached are some photos of the completed cat run. It has been the best thing ever for me and the cats, they get to go outside and I have peace of mind.

Loraine, Gloucestershire

We recently ordered 5 Purrect Fence kits and are delighted.

The peace of mind is worth everything – we have lost 2 cats on our supposedly quiet lane, but the lane gets short cut traffic that thinks it’s fine to speed as there is very rarely traffic coming the other way.

Luckily we have a large garden with lots of trees and have enclosed the whole lot with your fence. Our 3 new kittens don’t know the difference of being ‘safe’ but our 5 yr old is a bit put at not being able to wander at will but remains safe and happy getting used to it.

At the time your fence arrived we had a landscape gardener here so he erected the fence for us. After the first stretch of fence, and after watching your DVD his team were dab hands at it. I am so enthusiastic about your product.

Many thanks.

Liz and Dan, and our cats: Tessa, Cenerina, Irys, Raphael, Delilah, & Arturo,  Belgium

Greetings from Belgium!

We installed our Purrfect Fence system here a year ago and it is performing as you advertise PURRFECTLY. Our cats have a great back yard experience.

Thank you.

Mandy D. - Haywards Heath, England

Got cat fence up. I just need to put some tape round a couple of trees and they can go out unsupervised.**

Anyway… my friend is coming down at the weekend and is keen to see the finished result.

I have attached them for you J

**(Important Note: Trees INSIDE of enclosures need to have a smooth metal “Flashing” material placed vertically on the trunks to prevent cats from jumping up the tree and escaping)

Helen F. - East Sussex

After buying 2 fences, I am delighted that my cats are at last happy and safe outdoors. After all, I had 2 fairly cheesed-off (slightly chubby) cats here before finding a suitable way of letting them out safely.

At the moment - as things are for an average UK cat, it's a choice... either safe, fat, bored and frustrated or happy, free, fit and run over by a car...

I am working in liaison with a veterinary of 14 years experience, who will provide health and care information. I will promote your fencing system, so as to encourage improvement of welfare for as many cats as possible.

Vanessa H. - Newcastle upon Tyne, England

We installed our fence over a period of a few weeks, working mainly at weekends. It took a while for two not-very-fit fifty-somethings but as we used 4 kits and 5 gates it was quite a large installation. If you do one that size you MUST get the hogringer and tie puller as they make the job bearable. Well worth it though as the boys (two one-year-old Maine Coons) love going outside now, and we love the fact that they are safe! We have also noticed that we don't come home to lots of pencils and pens on the floor (they used to steal them from the kitchen counter), and there is less fur on the carpet.

They love going outside and chasing bugs, leaves and butterflies. Also they are fascinated by watching birds (we had some young pheasants just outside the fence last week), rabbits (which are now kept out of the garden) and the neighbourhood cat who comes and watches them from the other side of the fence! They haven't tried to climb the fence; once Harvey pounced on it about 2 feet from the ground when he was chasing a fly, but he just fell back down and showed no inclination to climb it again. Thank you Purrfect Fence for making us and the boys happy!

Brian Y. - Rutland

Dealing with the company has been a real pleasure. The kit is exceptionally well made and packaged and the instructions are accurate and very helpful.

Francesca S. - Scotland

Hope you are well? I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with the installation of the cat fence. It is working out really well, and my son's allergy is no longer a problem. Will take better pictures when I get a sunny day (will also write a glowing testimonial. The weather in Scotland is terrible at the moment.

Once again many many thanks for your help

Alison - Nottinghamshire

Just like to say thank you for the advice, ordered my fence on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday!.

Dr. Angela Karp - Bedfordshire

Finally, our good old British weather gave us some glorious sunshine over the Easter week and after quite a bit of previous rain the ground was perfect for putting up the Purrfect Houdini fence system for our two cats.

It took my dad and brother about three days to fully install (watched by two little curious Burmese faces though the upstairs window). It looks super and is terrific. The cats were first able to go out on Good Friday afternoon and spent nearly all of the remainder of that day, Sunday and Monday in the garden. They normally sleep in the afternoon for quite a long spell but they were too excited for that and come evening time they could scarcely keep their eyes open. It was really uplifting to see them exploring round, chasing anything that buzzed by and enjoying the freedom and sunshine.

I don't have a digital camera but will arrange to borrow one from work so you can see how it looks in our English garden. I should explain that I bought the house new three years ago and the garden has been just lawn. I was waiting to find out the best way of keeping the cats happy out doors before planning the garden. What we did was to dig out a plant border around the outside edge and place the cat fencing inside so that it runs from one corner of the house to the other, with the length of the back of the house completing the square and the gate to one side. When the plants grow up the fencing will be virtually invisible.

The rabbit is also benefiting. It has some enclosed runs but now can also be let out to run round for an hour or so each day. Fortunately, it not a burrowing kind and gets on with the cats.

I'll send you some visible proof when I can but for now I wanted you all to know how really pleased I am. I have been telling everyone I know and some people have even been over to see it. I will fill in your questionnaire and send some ides of how you could get the product known over here. I think you might find a lot of people interested in the UK as cat deaths on the roads are a major cause of distress.

It seems to me your system is perfect because it combines a deep understanding of the behaviour of cats (and other animals) and what is needed for their security, with an understanding of what's important for that special relationship between people and cats. We don't want them penned off from us in outdoor runs. We want them with us- able to enjoy our living space inside and out. My cats can now enjoy our garden with us in total security and for me that's priceless.

Liz et ma chats: Tessa, Cenerina, Irys, Raphael, Delilah, Timothy, & Arturo - Belgium

Just me from Belgium – now sunny and cool vice the rainy and windy climate when I received the delivery of the fence.

Once the weather calmed and I took some time off from work, we installed the fence. It took us about 3 days to do it and with a half a day taking down the existing fence. It turned out that we were able to extend five feet out from the existing fence line. I cannot explain how my spouse did the math, but we had two extra fence kits. Yet again, I did not verify the size of the backyard either. We only used two sets minus one fence pole and the gate section.

On the first day, after removing the old fence, we had the 24 inch stakes in the ground where my spouse had great difficulty in getting the ‘self-drill screw’ to go through the stake. This prompted our call to the company and luckily, we got to Matt! I am sure he will recall the call from Belgium. Did I mention that all my seven felines had taken their positions on the window sills inside watching us? They knew what we were doing, this I am sure.

For the two spans of fence on either side of the house which sit on top of the slate walkway, we have placed large decorative garden cement slabs [about 2 inches in depth] on top of the steel bottom fence to secure it. It gives the felines a platform to sit on.

Your video is clear in the fence installation and now that the task has been completed, looking back, it did not take that long. Our fence looks just like what you advertise!

The fence gives my felines the freedom they so desired and us the freedom not to worry about any escapes. I then designed and installed a screen flap in the kitchen screen door so the felines can enter and exit as they wish. This allows me to keep the screen door closed to keep out the bugs and bees!

Your marketing of the fence in preventing escapes is the truth! Let me share an incident with you. While my felines were out, they had a neighborhood feline visitor. ‘He’ sat down outside near the corner in the shade and just looked at all my cats who took a similar stance on the other side of the fence. ‘He’ and one of my cats seemed to be almost nose-to-nose through the fence! No meowing, no growling, no hissing. Quite unusual! After a time, ‘He’ just got up and ever so slowly sauntered off to the bushes behind him. That was that!

I must thank you for your patience with me and your prompt email responses while placing my order. Great customer service!

All the best to you back in the States. Have a great summer!

Dave S. - London

What can I say.

My fence arrived quickly and went up without any trouble at all. My cats were overjoyed to be able to enjoy the outdoors and explore.

I just wanted to commend you and your team for an outstanding job. It just doesn't get better than that.

As a personal aside to you, Kevin, you are one of the painfully few people who actually answered two questions when two questions were asked. That's rare.

Liz Thomas - Mansfield

I'm sorry I wasn't at home when you rang last Friday so I couldn't thank you personally for a wonderful product!

We took some time erecting the fence because we kept hitting problems with the geology of this area, but in the end it worked out fine.

The peace of mind that it brings me cannot be described. After years of worrying and anxious waiting for the cats to come home, I can now keep the cat flap open to the back garden 24 hours a day. It is fantastic!

Thank you once again on behalf of my cats, Murphy, Mia and Moshi and of course me!

Angela - Somerset

I have received the fencing kits this morning from Basildon - such a short time from ordering - it's amazing! There are two 3' gate kits instead of the 3 ordered, but I guess that's to follow as I heard Katie say they might not have them in the UK just now, hope that's the case anyway.

Maggie D - Milton Keynes

My fence arrived at 8.00am UK time this morning, and considering I spoke to Katie less than 4 days ago, I can only be highly impressed.

The video is great, and I am looking forward to starting installation tomorrow evening.

I will let you know how installation goes, and send some pictures of my cats enjoying there freedom once we have it up.

The fence has been bought to keep 4 cats in my garden, I have a 5th due to arrive in September, the only concern is my Bengal, if it holds her in the garden, it will hold any cat!!!

Many thanks for a great service,

Adrienne - Cheshire

Thank you very much for all your help, our cats are so pleased!

You can see more testimonials from homeowners and shelter/rescue organizations on our US-based site.

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I was doubtful but Purrfect Fence worked for my Houdini cat!

Here’s a video of my cat before I purchased Purrfect Fence: https://www.facebook.com/1314722278/posts/10216655466241797?sfns=mo

I was so skeptical about the Purrfect Fence working I called and received assurance that if I had proof (video) of my cat escaping from the Purrfect Fence, the company would either help us make it escape proof or give us a refund. So we made the purchase. So glad we bought this Fence!
We have four cats, but Boots is the only escape artist. Since we installed the Purrfect Fence, Boots has not escaped...not even once.

Peace of mind

Last year one of our cats got out of the backyard and was killed by our neighbor’s dogs. Since then we have kept out cats locked inside, but our family was terrified of one getting out and it happening again. Our dogs could no longer use the dog door either because the cats would get out that way. Since we installed this fence topper our pets have been free to come and go into the backyard as they please. None have gotten out and for the first time since our cat passed we have peace of mind.

my cats LOVE their Purrfect Fence

Our story is that we had two cats who grew up together, our black girl cat and a boy cat. I let them go in and out as they pleased, as I had all of my previous cats. We had installed a cat door into the garage, so anytime they were out and we weren’t around to let them in the house, they could get in the garage for warmth, shelter or safety. My boy cat, Jethro was killed by a coyote in the summer of 2017 when he was 12. We found part of him in the woods behind our house. We were heartbroken. I like to have 2 kittens grow up together, so they have a playmate, so we immediately got two boy kittens after that.

We had a covered deck, so we screen it in ourselves to make a place for the new kittens to be able to get fresh air and see and hear the outdoors while staying safe. We installed a cat door from the house to the porch, so they could go on their porch as they wished. They and my older girl kitty loved their screen porch.

Our kids are now grown, so last fall, we decided to move to a one story house. It is an older ranch house and it has no back porch or deck or anywhere that we could adapt to make it to where the cats could get fresh air without a major undertaking. I saw your Purrfect Fence online and I investigated it. I watched every video that I could find and read the reviews and testimonials. I looked at it for a couple of months. Finally we bought it and installed it. I have attached a few photos of them in their yard. The light colored cat and stripy gray cat had never set foot on grass before we got the fence. They were hilarious doing some high stepping in the grass the first time they went out. The black one is my nearly 14 year old girl cat.

We put a cat flap in a window, so they can go in and out as they please. We also built a basic cat tree from perches we removed from our old screen porch when we moved, so they would have somewhere to get up off of the ground. We hope to build them some more sitting areas in the sp...

Purrfect is thre right word!

I have a pride (7 cats!) and I was always worried or trying to find someone. I had tried everything including declawing,which I hated to do. But now even my little Houdini, who figured out every other fence type I had used, has not been out since the fence was installed. I installed it myself - all 300 lineal feet of it - in about five hours. I am 62 and live alone. It was quick and very easy and a Godsend for my peace of mind. My Vet has taken my word for it and recommends it to his pet parents now and will be getting it for his pets also. Great fencing systems!

This is the real deal

We went nuts trying to find a good way to keep our cats outside. After many failed DIY attempts we gave in and spent the money on the perfect fence. I hate to admit it but I should have done this all along and saved money and we wouldn't have had one of our little kitties escape and go missing. Would recommend to anyone wants to keep the cats safe in your yard.

Kitty garden

The Kitty Garden was given its name by my friend that helped me do the installation – just the 2 of us put it all up – not too bad!  Thanks for all your help – it was well worth it – the kitties love it!  I am seeing a whole new side of them!

Honey Bunches of Kitty

Late last summer, a stray kitty adopted us. He was very thin and his ears were all bloody from weeks of scratching due to a terrible case of ear mites. I decided that this cat would be an indoor cat. After a week of constant meowing, I decided it was selfish of me to keep “Honey Bunches of Kitty” inside since he was used to the outdoors.
I realized that he was better off being happy even if there was a chance I could lose him also. In early April, Kitty got an abscess on his face due to cat bite. The vet became suspicious because he was getting abscesses so easily, so he decided to test him for feline leukemia and aids, which is not uncommon in stray cats. As it turns out, Honey Bunches of Kitty has feline leukemia which makes him much more susceptible to infections. This time, I felt I had no choice. Kitty would have to be an indoor cat. We kept him in for 2 very long weeks of constant meowing and howling. Within a few days I placed an order for 300’ of Purr..Fect Fence. While we were waiting for the fence to arrive, I prepared the area, cleaning out brush and trimming tree branches. It took a weekend for two of us to install the fence. Getting Purr..Fect Fence was the best thing we ever did. Our whole backyard is enclosed and Honey Bunches of Kitty can keep us company on our deck and around the hot tub and pool. He’s so much happier now and so am I.

This systems works SO much better than our last one ! They have the entire backyard to explore !

Our last 'solution" was a barricade made up of dog kennel fence panels connected together and attached to the house then covered with bird netting. It did the trick but, nothing compared to this system ! We love it !! Our 5 cats spend a lot of time outside. We haven't seen them even attempt to jump up or onto the system. Very happy ! Thank you Purr..fect fence !!!!

We totally enclosed the back yard with the "Houdini-Proof Fence" 18 months ago.

I lived many years in different parts of the country including California, Colorado and Florida. Everywhere I lived I had neighbors that complained about my cats and I had many cats that just disappeared. My dream was to have a place where my cats could live outside and be safe and not be a bother to anyone. The time finally came when I was preparing to move back home to Alabama and I discovered the cat fence on the Purr…fect Fence website. That, immediately, became part of my plan. We totally enclosed the back yard with the "Houdini-Proof Fence" 18 months ago. We have 11 cats that now live inside this safe enclosed area. Not one has ever gotten out. We love our Purr…fect Fence!

Don’t wait.

Don’t tell yourself you will do this tomorrow; you and your pet may not have a tomorrow together. I’m sitting here looking out the patio door at my three cats playing so happily in my safely enclosedbackyard. I should be looking at my four cats, but one (Bart) is no longer with me. He was a free spirit and there was no way I could keep him indoors. Bart was my special guy, the feral kitten I raised and loved more than all the others (shhhh, don’t tell them that). One day he roamed into the neighbor’s yard and ingested poison. The vets tried everything but could not save him. He died in my arms.

I now have my Purrfect Fence installed. I thought about doing it for months, but just couldn’t bring myself to take that first step and order it – a mistake with deadly consequences. It is so wonderful to now know that my cats can enjoy the glorious outdoors and be safe. The stress level in the household is gone. Everyone is happy!

Great fence

Straightforward to put up. The only thing that we thought we’d mention- if you staple the netting closely to each post, the cat can climb up the post, then climb the regular fence- UNDER the netting, and get out! Our cat Maggie is a Houdini and figured out how to do that! Once we figured out how she got out, we stapled the netting close beside each wood post and she hasn’t escaped since.
We now have peace of mind that the cats can roam the netting enclosure, enjoy the outdoors without getting out! Thanks!

Works as advertised!

Are purrfect fence has been fantastic and our cats have been outside many of times and have not been able to escape the yard. A very nice product. We also purchased the cat tree and I would recommend putting a cement foundation to support it at full height.

Excellent product. Cats have never breached the fence. We have installed the fence at two differe...

The fence gives us great peace of mind. Our cats are safe when other cats in the neighborhood have gone missing or been hit by cars.

Very good product

Thanks for a great product!

We received everything we ordered and needed quickly. Installation, for the most part, went well, the main problem we had was with the hardness of our ground - maybe you could develop heavy-duty poll inserts and stakes for those of us in the desert :)

But the best part is we LOVE OUR CAT YARD!! We have six cats and have always believed that although it is dangerous to let cats outside, they love to be outside and are healthier. So, we let them out, always worried something would happen to them (which it did to a couple) and figured a short life outside was better than a long life trapped indoors.

When we erected out cat fence we did not know how the cats would take to it - if they would try to escape, etc. But, after a short adjustment period, they are very content, the oldest (13 years old) to the youngest (just over one year old). Even my most restless wanderer never even made an attempt to escape! They have a cat door to go in and out of the house at will, and can now stay out all night on warm summer nights.

We can also now feed birds without being guilty of luring them to their death.

I would highly recommend the fence to every cat owner, it is definitely the best of both worlds for them, and are very content within their yard. We are considering adding on to the size of the enclosure in the future with additional fencing from you.

Thanks for a great product!

I’m extremely happy with my Purrfect fence!

I’m extremely happy with my Purrfect fence! I no longer have my kitties escaping. They were literally climbing my 8’ fence! Just watch!
Fairly easy install too.

It’s Purr-fect!

It took a bit more time than I expected to set this up, but I am super satisfied with the result. This is a Great fence!

Purrfect for what we need!

We are working with a colony of cats in a sort of private cat rescue effort, and we needed a place to isolate a few cats at a time so they can recover from being neutered or spayed. I love it that this little tent can be set up inside, which is where we have it. We carry the cats straight to the tent from the vet, and we have a few boxes set around inside that they can get inside or on top of, plus a litter box, water pan, and food bowl. They are quite content with an overnight stay in a quiet place to sleep off their hospital visits! We also use it for kittens with colds, as we can place a space heater and humidifier just outside the tent so that they can have a warmer place to sleep and moister air until they recover. When they're feeling a little sick, they love to be in the tent. I have given it four stars only because the tent zipper is a bit of a design flaw--it would be better if there were two zippers that could meet in the middle, as it's hard to unzip far enough to place something in the tent without one or more cats getting out if they're so inclined. I am also wondering if the sleeves for the tent poles would wear very well if one takes this tent down and puts it up very many times. I expect some of these features have been changed in the newly redesigned tent. I am very grateful for this one, though--it's a wonderful thing to have. Little kids would love to sleep out in this tent, too! It's quite spacious and would hold an adult as well.

My cats and I thank you for this great product.

We live on a four-lane state route which gets busy for parts of the day, and I was afraid if they got out again, they might go in the road and get hit. So I started checking in my Cat Fancy magazines for something else, and found Purr...fect Fence. I ordered it and a gate, and my brother-in-law and I installed it a few weeks ago.

In the few weeks the Purr...fect Fence has been up, my four kitties really enjoy it. They can eat grass, lounge on the chair, or just lie on the grass. I've always gone out & visited with them everyday for about two hours. Now, I spend part of the time in the Purr...fect Fence and part in the shed. They hardly come inside anymore. I feel better knowing they're protected by this fence because we have raccoons, stray cats, and other animals around there. I think they're more relaxed having a larger area to play outside. Scratch used to go out and pace back and forth like we've all seen images of caged animals doing, and I was concerned she was starting to be bored, so I had to do something.


Our two cats, Nottingham and Tyra absolutely love the Purr...fect Fence. They are Bengals and accidentally got a taste of the outdoors when Nottingham figured out how to open the front door. I kept blaming my children and husband for leaving the door open. Ever since that incident, they would cry consistently to go out. Since we've gotten the Purr...fect Fence, they are outside from 6:30 in the morning until we go to bed. I even bring them their food outdoors!


I would just like to thank Purrfect Fence for finally making it safe for our 7 little babies to venture outside to enjoy the fresh air. Over the past few months we have tried lots of home-made devices and spent countless pounds and hours out in the garden trying to thwart our one little Houdini. Everything would initially be fine and we would feel so relieved but then after two or three days he would find an escape route out. It is now two weeks since we installed the Purrfect Fence and little Bertie (AKA Houdini) has not managed to get out. We cannot express how pleased we are with the product and it is so wonderful to finally be able to go to work every day knowing that all 7 cats will be safe all day and most importantly still alive when we arrive home! Thank you again.

Our new Purrfect Fence for Cats has finally been able to secure our backyard against the creativi...

We live with our five cats in a single family home with a fairly small, fenced backyard. We have a cat-door between the house and the back deck and over the years, I have used various versions of cat security fencing around the top of the existing fence to keep the cats restricted to just he back yard, Until, that is, our youngest pair of rescue kitties decided they wanted to sit on the top of the fence. They are brother and sister with a fairly large helping of Maine Coon in their parentage and have proven to be highly adept escape artists. The two weak spots in the fence security were the apple tree that stands next to the fence and a small enclosed viewing platform I had built at the top of one sections of fence. The apple tree was "secured" with a fixed ring barrier about 6' up the trunk. Attached are videos of Sparky and Tigger demonstrating their escape techniques on the old cat fence. Next are some shots of our new Purr...fect Fence installation and how effectively it secured these two weak spots. For the apple tree, I was able to partially split the poly mesh grid integrating it around the tree blocking their ability to use the tree to reach the fence. With the viewing platform, I was able to integrate the fence over and above their viewing platform cutting off their ability to clamber over the platform to reach the fence. Installation was straight forward with no surprises. Our yard took one day to complete. Another side benefit we've found is that the security fence is just high enough now to provide room for the roses to grow without growing into the netting. I have a video but it is too large to include with this review so here is a Youtube link to the video of our installaton: https://youtu.be/bE226b9lD9M

I have a Bengal.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the breed and need more to go on — I have a large, intelligent, energetic, and determined cat that has been safely contained in my yard for about a month now. After an initial few days of him trying to thwart me by escaping, he has resigned himself to his fate. However, he’s incredibly happy with his outdoor access, and I’m happy I don’t have to worry about theft or him getting killed.

I will say, I suspect the system works well for me because my boy is large (17 pounds). The hinged arms seem to work well, but I can’t attest to their utility for a cat that’s under 10 pounds.

Pro tip: Chicken wire the bottom of your fence. And then stake that to the ground. If the cat’s head can get through, you better believe the rest will follow.

<p>Hello Leigh, thank you for sharing your experience and for the feedback! We are very happy to find you are happy with your Purrfect Fence. Our system is actually designed to accommodate varying sizes and weights of cats. Most of our customers have much smaller cats than your healthy boy as you can imagine. We have with equal levels of success with the smaller cats as well. The average domesticated cat is around 9-11 lbs. Our spring loaded arms are adjustable and you can 'size' them appropriate to increase the amount of weight sensitivity if it becomes an issue. In our experience the standard configuration will be effective down to about 7-8 lbs before you need to adjust them.</p>

<p>Your note on the chicken wire is an excellent one! Many fences have visible and also invisible gaps at the bottom that grass or landscaping may hide which allow for easy escapes. We actually offer ready-made kits for this as well which is called our <a target='_blank' href='https://www.purrfectfence.com/products/bottom-of-fence-escape-barrier-chew-guard-dig-guard-kit'>Fence Bottom Barrier</a></p>

we likes outside

my hooman putted up the purrfence for us. we can eats grass now and smells all the smells. we founds bugs in the dirt by the tree. bugs r gud butt tickles noses. sumtimes we just sits and sits outside. my hooman gud. we keeps him.

Wasn't able to use if

Too expensive to ship back so I'm stuck with it

Hi Vicki, We are sorry to see you were not able to use your Purrfect Fence. The cost to get it back to us for a refund should be a small fraction of the value of the kit. It seems like something is not right here. Please get in touch with us so we can figure out a way to get the items back to our office and make sure you are well taken care of!