Sample Layouts

Below are samples of some of the more popular layouts of our Cat Fencing Systems shown by number of kits used.  We primarily show the Free-Standing Cat Containment System because it does not use an existing fence like our Existing Fence Conversion System so it can be installed in numerous ways on most properties. The Free-Standing System set-up possibilities are only limited by the available space. Free-Standing and Existing Fence Conversion systems can be combined for a single enclosure and we are happy to help you figure out your needs. Contact us by phone

Typical Layouts for 1 Free-Standing Kit and 1 Gate

Typical Layout for 1 Free-Standing Kit & 1 Conversion Kit

For those with partially fenced yards or with larger fenced yards who want to limit the cat area, combining the Free-Standing and Existing Fence Conversion systems can be an excellent solution.

NOTE: Existing fences must be 5' or higher to utilize the existing Fence Conversion System.

Typical Layouts for 2 Free-Standing Kits


A 3-Kit Layout

This 3 kit system has a few special features. One is our Heavy Duty Corner Posts which are recommended for larger projects especially in areas subject to heavy snows. Not only do they make stronger corners but adding 4 more posts allow the other posts to be closer. Another feature is an outside corner which requires two arms. It also shows how multiple buildings can be included and used as "sides" of the enclosure.

We sell the kits in 100 linear foot increments but any number of kits can be combined in a single system.  Our largest single installation to date includes almost 2,300 linear feet of fence enclosing over 6 acres.   Although our Free-Standing kits are excellent for most applications, we have the ability to build custom systems for particular needs and have done so many times.

Please feel free to call or email us with questions about your application.  If possible, please include pictures of the area you are looking to enclose especially special features like hills, trees near the fence and where you were planning to tie your fence into your house or other building.  If you would like to secure an existing fence and would like help please let us know how high your fence is, how many posts you have and how many gates and if they open into the enclosure or out. Pictures of where the fence intersects with buildings and the gates really help us dial in exactly what you may need.