Keeping Cats
Safe & Happy Outdoors

Whether your garden has fencing or not, we can help!

What is a Purrfect Fence?

Purr...fect Cat Fence is the only fence for cats with a pivoting arched top (patented) to ensure your cats won't escape. Our outdoor cat fence enclosure can be installed free-standing or added to an existing fence or wall to make it cat-proof. Give your cats the freedom they deserve to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about their safety.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Cat(s) Safe Outdoors:


  • Peace of mind for you & happier cats
  • Cost effective: Attach to existing fence or install free-standing
  • Increased room to roam reduces behavioral issues
  • Blends well with surroundings & Easy to instal

How it Works

Our cat fence material is flexible so most cats don't like to climb it. For acrobatic Houdini cats that can climb upside down, the Cat-Proofer™ extenders will buckle under the cat's weight, safely returning the cat to the ground.

Purr...fect Cat Fence kits are easy to install, virtually invisible, and include everything you need to turn your backyard into a safe and secure paradise for your cats. Order Purr...fect Cat Fence today and find out why thousands of cat care professionals are endorsing our unique product...


The Patented Spring Loaded Arm

Customer Testimonials

We have helped keep cats safe and happy outdoors on every continent except Antarctica! Have a look at some of the great experiences our customers wanted to share. See Testimonials >

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