About Purrfect Fence

Purr...fect Fence is a family owned and operated international mail order company that has evolved from Benner's Deer Fencing systems. The same high-strength and long-lasting material utilized for Purr...fect Fence has been used for 20 years to keep deer out of gardens and landscaping.

Since the transformation to a fence system designed specifically for cats nearly 20 years ago, Purr...fect Fence has experienced rapid expansion. Now many thousands of cat owners, shelters, and animal care professionals utilize our product with unprecedented results. Our goal is to continue to improve our systems, expand our product line, and most importantly enhance the lives of cats.

Located in Orion Township, Michigan, US, we ship direct nationwide and around the world especially to Canada, the UK and Europe... We are proud to say that we have customers on every continent except Antartica. Order Purr...fect Fence today and find out why so many people describe our product as a "Life-changing" experience.

*In the United Kingdom, we have partnered with a pet specialty distributor to ensure great service and speedy delivery. All products purchased through PurrfectFence.co.uk are warehoused, serviced, and shipped by:


The World Of Pets (NPD Ventures Ltd)

10 Cooke Road
South Lowestoft Industrial Estate,
Lowestoft NR33 7NA
0330 229 0750


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