Outdoor Hazards

If cats are not kept within a secure environment outdoors such as an outdoor enclosure for cats and/or protected by Purr…fect Fence, they could be at risk of being trapped by neighbors, struck by a vehicle, or coming in close contact with other cats, dogs or a variety of wild animals. This is why it is very important to have an outdoor cat enclosure design in order to protect your cat.

  • A very low percentage of lost cats are re-claimed by owners
  • Research has shown that free-roaming cats typically have a shorter life expectancy than indoor cats.
  • There are millions of cats killed on the roads each year – reportedly more than any other animal
  • Feline Leukemia and aids can be fatal & are spread by contact between free-roaming cats
  • Millions of cats are injured, maimed, or killed by dogs, coyotes, mountain lions, and raccoons.

Purr…fect Fence is truly a unique outdoor enclosure for cats with which anyone can create a whole new outdoor living area for their cats. Our outdoor cat enclosure design is now receiving rave reviews throughout North America, and we look forward to providing cat owners with an alternative to the limited options presently available to owners of indoor/outdoor cats.

If you are going to let your cats outside you owe it to them and yourself to keep them safe. The peace of mind and enjoyment provided by Purr…fect Fence, have been described as “life changing” by several of our customers – order Purr…fect Fence today and find out why people love our outdoor cat enclosures.

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