Access Gates

Our new and improved access gate is now available! The Purrfect Gate, available in opening widths of 30" (2 ½ ft) and 60" (5 ft), is much easier to assemble, easier to use, visually more appealing, and costs 35% less than the previous model.

The Purrfect Gate was created to work seamlessly with the Purrfect Fence cat enclosure system. This innovative gate design offers easy access to your enclosure, with an opening measuring 69" high and 30" wide. Most standard push mowers will easily fit through the 30" wide opening. If you need a wider gate, Purr.fect Fence offers an extension kit which will make your gate open to a width of 60", allowing access for most lawn tractors.

The gate assembles in minutes, does not rely on posts, and can be located anywhere in your fence line. This design feature also allows additional gates to be added to your Purrfect Fence system at any time.