Dogs in your Fence System?

NEW! Purrfect Fence has created an Existing Fence Conversion System for Dogs! Our new system will make your 4' or higher fence so your dogs cannot jump or climb over it. Click on the link below for more information.

Purr…fect Fence’s Existing Fence Conversion System can work as well for dogs as it does for cats. As a fence dog extension, our Existing Fence Conversion System will make a barrier at the top of your fence. The fence extension arm extends 33 inches horizontally making a roof-like top to your fence.

Dogs cannot climb a fence but they do jump up and kick off the fence to gain height. If they can kick up high enough to get their front legs over the top of a fence then they are able to propel themselves over a fence. Our fence “dog” extensions when covered with our strong mesh will create a horizontal barrier at the top of your fence blocking your dog's ability to get its front legs over the top of your fence.

Although this system was not created specifically as a fence Dog extension, it will work very well for this purpose. Our fence extension arms are engineered with a spring-loaded pivoting action. Adding the system to the top of the fence is like adding about 12” to the top of a fence. If put at the top of a fence the fence will be made effectively higher. If a dog attempts to jump up to the fence extension the fence “dog” extensions will flex down and then spring back to their original position. Aside from the pivoting feature, the system provides a horizontal section 33 inches wide that will stop a dog from climbing the fence.