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Purr…fect Fence outdoor cat enclosures are currently making over 35,000 cats happy, healthy and safe outdoors. Over the past fifteen years we have developed and produced incredibly effective (99.99+% success rate) cat enclosures.

We presently offer two types of cat enclosures to cat-proof your yard. The keys to both are the heavy-duty flexible mesh fence, and the patented pivoting fence extender arms. These "spring action" arms are activated by the cat’s weight. If a cat somehow makes it to the top of the fence, the horizontal component of the arm swings in a downward direction, returning your cat safely to the ground. Once the cat's weight is released from the mesh, the spring-loaded extenders immediately return the upper section of the fence to its horizontal position.

1. Free-Standing Outdoor Cat Fence Enclosures

Free-Standing Houdini-Proof Outdoor Cat Enclosures w/ Cat-Proofer™ pivoting extension arms.

For areas without an existing fence, our Houdini-Proof Free-Standing cat enclosures offer a ground-up fence system specifically designed to contain even the agilest cats.

The key to the system is the patented Cat-Proofer fence extenders. These not only use spring action to repel climbing cats, but are configured so our outdoor cat enclosures can meet 6' height ordinances. The fence can be set as high as 7' but the shape of the arms allow it to be effective at 6'. The extremely strong yet flexible poly mesh grid makes climbing very difficult. The safeguards for our outdoor cat enclosure are the Cat-Proofer™ extender arms, which enable the entire upper section of the fence to pivot. The cat's weight causes these horizontal extension arms to swing downward, safely returning your pet to the ground.

The entire outdoor cat enclosure (measured to the top/apex of the arch) is 7 feet high. Beginning at the outermost edge of the arch, the fence is constructed from a 7.5 foot wide roll of high-strength polypropylene mesh grid.Our "Houdini-Proof" Outdoor Cat Enclosure has several components, but its’ ultimate key to keeping cats safely enclosed is the carefully engineered arch along the top. Should your cat decide to climb the enclosure (unlikely due to it’s unique flexural properties), it will turn even the most persistent cat back in towards the enclosure.

The bottom 18 inches of the fence are comprised of a 1.75” inch square steel mesh Chew Guard (black vinyl coated and same size openings as fence) that keeps rodents and predators from chewing access holes along the lower portion of the cat enclosure.The upper portion of the mesh grid for Purr...fect Fence is comprised of a UV resistant and incredibly strong polypropylene material that for 15 years has been used to keep deer out of properties and gardens. Strong enough to withstand impacts from running deer, it also has a life expectancy of 15 years or more. This is not a netting type product typically found in hardware stores.

This mesh is supplied in a 24 inch wide roll to allow for overlapping an additional 6 inches onto the ground to keep cats and/or predators from pushing underneath. To pin this material to the ground, 30 - 12 inch long, galvanized steel Ground Stakes with a special "kinked" shaft to prevent slippage are also included.

Heavy Duty Posts (black) with inserts are also part of the system. The inserts (sleeves) eliminate climbing a ladder or digging holes to install posts - simply pound the sleeves into the ground with the use of a sledgehammer and Driving Cap. 

Zip Ties attach the fencing to the posts, and the chew guard to the fencing. For larger projects, a Hog Ringer & Hog Rings can be used to attach the two types of fencing together. Other accessories and tools available, please contact us for details.

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2. Existing Fence Cat Enclosures (Conversion System)

Existing Fence Conversion System w/ Cat-Proofer™ pivoting extension arms.

Our revolutionary Cat-Proofer™ pivoting fence extension system makes it easy and affordable to convert most any 3' or higher fence (or wall) into a cat-proof barrier. For 5’ and higher fences, the pivoting fence extenders are attached near the top of the inside of your cat fence enclosure. Fences and walls 3’-4' high require an upgrade option that raises the arms. The high strength mesh material is stretched between the pivoting fence extensions and attached with the included zip ties. Simply secure the lower portion of the mesh material to your fence or wall and your cat-proof outdoor cat enclosure is complete.

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Both cat enclosure systems include detailed written instructions. The Purr…fect Fence staff is also available for technical help during business hours. Many of our customers' e-mail pictures to gain our assistance in figuring out the best way to cat-proof their property. Keep in mind that if you happen to have a property that is partially fenced or you would like to include only a portion of your existing fence into your outdoor cat enclosure, we have the answer… Since both systems utilize the same Cat-Proofer™ fence extensions, you can transition one fence system into the other quite easily.