Building plans for Outdoor Cat Houses

Are you considering building an outdoor cat house? If so, you might want to give some consideration to how you will keep your cat(s) safe outside when they are not inside the outdoor cat house.

Building plans for cat houses can vary, but for perimeter protection for predators and for a way to keep your cats from wandering away or onto busy streets, Purr…fect Fence backyard cat enclosures offer the ideal complementary product to an outdoor cat house.

Although we don’t offer building plans for cat houses or instructions for building an outdoor cat house, Purr…fect Fence does supply 100’ fencing kits that will ensure your backyard is a safe and secure place for your felines.    

So of if you are thinking of building an outdoor cat house, then why not take the next logical step and keep your cats safe outdoors with Purr..fect Fence.  Together, your building plans for cat houses and Purr…fect Fence will keep your furry friends happy and safe for years to come.

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