Outdoor Cat Run

Install Purr…fect Fence and a simple cat gate (pet door) and allow your cat to experience a true outdoor experience without the use of an outdoor cat run or outdoor cat kennel.

Before you decide to purchase or construct an outdoor cat run or outdoor cat kennel, it would be most advantageous for you to learn more about all the benefits offered by Purr…fect Fence.

An outdoor cat run is a fantastic way to keep your cat happy, healthy, and safe. But unlike a conventional outdoor cat kennel type structure, Purr…fect Fence is unique in that it is the first complete free-standing outdoor cat enclosure system that can turn an entire backyard into a safe and secure paradise for your cat.

Purr…fect Fence is a virtually invisible, high-strength mesh fencing system that lasts for years and is easy to install. A cat gate can be installed to allow for pedestrian access in and out of the cat run. A pet door or smaller cat gate can also be installed in the side of the house or window to allow easy in and out access to the outdoor cat enclosure area.

Unlike a conventional outdoor cat run, Purr…fect Fence is a perimeter fencing system that cats don’t like to climb. With Purr…fect fence, an entire backyard area can easily and affordably be converted into a safe and enjoyable play area for your cat(s).

Find out why thousands of cat owners and cat care professionals are describing Purr…fect Fence as a “Life changing experience”….order Purr…fect Fence today!

Purr...fect Fence components are constructed from the highest quality galvanized steel (baked on black finish) & UV resistant polypropylene (upper section of fence). Life expectancy for the system is at least 15 years.

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